Our Photo of the Day: Julian and Ritzel

Today, we've decided to feature two Lemon Pie House photos.

"As a first time visitor, I read about rave reviews about a wonderful little shop tucked away in the mountains serving wonderful lemon pie. I initially wanted only a slice, but my friend was insistent in getting the whole pie and boy, I’m sure glad we got the entire pie. The custard was just right with a nice tang from the lemon that wasn’t overtly sweet and the crust was done just right, which didn’t overpower the wonderful lemony filling. Too bad I had only a day left in Sagada or else I would’ve been back for another. Perhaps on my next trip. By the way, loved the pie and the shop. Cheers." Julian Lai

This delightful photo of Manang Katrina is by far her best photo ever. Mang Joseph thought so too. This is pure nostalgia. The monochromatic effect added more quality to the picture. It makes me feel like I am just watching Manang Katrina working in their shop one day, bussing dishes on the table, waiting for the next costumers to come in. We thank Ritzel Marcelino, the photographer, for this photo.

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