Our Photo of the Day: Jonic Dao

This is a something new to this blog and maybe not new to most of us. We call this "Photo of the Day." Haha. Very original and fresh, I might add. :) Anyway, so this a new Lemon Pie House feature. We will randomly select a favorite LPH photo that we see from the Internet, and we will say what we think about it, on our personal point of view.

Today, we are featuring Jonic Dao's photo. This was one of the few Lemon Pie House photos that we found in Flickr a year ago. We really liked this photo so much. It reminds us of how the Lemon Pie House used to look like. On the outside, it was rustic and kind of shabby. Now, it is all yellow and cream, bright, and lively. This will always remind us of our very humble beginning.

What I also love about this photos is that, despite the house's texture, it shows its simplicity, and at the same time, grandeur, because of its camera's angle. It made us think that we are bigger than what we are. Well, we thank all of you who tirelessly support us. We will be forever grateful.

Jonic Dao seems to be a very passionate photographer. Judging by his photo archives, he seems to like to take photos of landscapes and sometimes, people. I really enjoyed browsing his photos. You may visit his page and see for yourself.


shykulasa said...

wow "Photo of the day" is a nice addition to your site...

nice angle! im no pro, just using a P&S cam but I love looking at great photos...

by all means, you can grab my LPH photos and share my LPH experience, it will be my pleasure :)

Anonymous said...

..used to look like?.. you mean di na ganyan ang hitsura ngayon?.. Oh well, the shot is awesome! Napaka-original. At first glance it's like a plain simple old house. Pero inviting ang dating, gusto ko nang pumasok sa loob!

But those pies looks delicious! Sana lang may pic sa loob.. I've nver been to Sagada, but I'm looking forward to visit that place soon! Thanks for sharing this, love it!