Our Free Wi-Fi

We here at the Sagada Lemon Pie House are not just serving good pies, and hot coffees, lending our books, playing very soothing music, but we're also giving out free Wi-Fi service. Yes, you heard that right.

So since we're now connected to the internet, we will reply to your emails and inquiries faster than before. We will also have more time to read your feedbacks and check your LPH photos on the web.

It was installed this week and it was on test mode for five days. Now that we're connected online, you may now send emails, surf the net, chat, and blog, right here in our shop. So don't forget to blog about us. :)

We would like to provide you quality Wi-Fi service so we decided to make some house rules to minimize slow connections, and disconnections.

Click here or click the image above to know more about it.

Note: Please be reminded that this is a free Wi-Fi service we're giving. If you like our service, you may recompense us by donating us your old books or any amount. Thank you very much for patronizing us.

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