Our Letter For Today: Lea, Pau, and Jojo

(L-R: Bogan, Jojo, Lea, Paolo)

I want to give my million thanks to Mang Joseph "The Pie Man", Aling Katrina "our lovely host", Wencel who introduced us to this adorable family and the yummy pies, and of course our tour guide and new found friend Bogan (daughter of Mang Joseph and Aling Katrina) for making our stay there so comfortable and pleasant. I'm already missing the cozy seats and tables crafted by Mang Joseph himself.

I was always looking forward for a slice of pie with tea or coffee after our long walks of around sagada during our stay there. I've brought pies for my friends and family back home so they too could have a taste of Sagada's famous pies. I'm already looking forward to our next trip to Sagada. Till then, I'll be missing a lot of pies! :) Best Regards, Lea and Pau

My first trip to the famous Sagada was well-worth it... and The Lemon Pie House made it possible. At times when I almost felt desperate to go at all. Amidst the rush and lack of accommodation (it was peak season, man!) I sought refuge in the Lemon Pie House (thanks Wencel for the guidance... you're the man!). A few calls I made to Manong Joseph, and the deal was sealed. The first moment I stepped in, Manang Katrina was warm and welcoming (she gave me a big hug for a welcome).

Admittedly, the "house" lacks the comforts that I have grown accustomed to at home, but the reception by the people more than made up for it (Manong Joseph and Manang Katrina, Jeff and the ever blithesome Josie Elena a.k.a Bogan - admirable family).

Here, new friendships were forged in the person of Mama and Papa (Wencel's kin) and Lea and Paolo, who are equally cool and adventure-loving (guys, balik tayo for camp!). I totally fell in love with Sagada. Four days seemed short, but I brought home 2 gigabytes of photos, 3 boxes of pies and a bundle of good memories. Thanks, The Lemon Pie House. Jojo

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