Our Newly Painted House

We would like to share this photo of our newly painted Lemon Pie House. We've been deciding to do this for about a year since we did our soft launching early part of last year.

We picked a striking lemon yellow color for the exterior of the first floor, a light beige color for the second floor, and a dark alligator green color for the roof. We want people to notice our shop even when they're far away, and it seems to be working. And for those that are curious if we painted also the interior, the answer is NO. We wanted to preserve our shop's rustic and earthy look, so no worries.

Other than that, we've also added another essential service at the Lemon Pie House. We're giving out free Wi-Fi to our guests. Yes, you heard us right, it is free. You may click here to read the complete information about it, or you may also click at the free Wi-Fi icon, located at the right side column of this page.

The woman standing by the door in the photo is the mother of the photographer, Mr. Wencel Angeles, and the old man looking out the window is his uncle. They visited the Lemon Pie House just recently and it was so much fun having them around.

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shykulasa said...

So you had it painted this april, we were there last feb ... it will definitely stand out and attract more people ... hmmm im having mixed feelings, i think im going to miss the rustic look outside but we'll see I might like it when i see it upclose :)