Our Letter For Today: Ishie De Vera

"Are you in the mood for something delicious? Well this place is definitely for you. The place is homey. Very intimate.. Very personal. Everything is refreshing and lovely. The owner, Kuya Joseph and Ate Kathrina are truly remarkable and down to earth couple. They are very nice, hardworking, warm and friendly. They are Igorots and it makes me proud to be a Filipino! Hooray!

I am very happy to inform you that I really did a great job in including the Sagada Lemon Pie House in our itineraries for our first visit in the exotic Sagada last December 26-29 2008. Your place is very famous in the internet. So when I research about Sagada, there are some pictures and blogs that really caught my interest.

Let me tell you something about my new love… Kindly look at my picture, I say this with a smile from ear to ear, I have this mad dark craving for egg pie. This pie brought back memories of my childhood. This was soooo yummy! The egg pie was perfect. It was silky not spongy. It was smooth and creamy not watery and it didn’t taste like a scramble egg. It was rich and delicious. For me, it tasted like a meringue pie but not too sweet which is good. An excellent recipe, I must say.

Too bad I only had 2 photos in the Lemon Pie House because I was too anxious to dig in and besides, I was having my ‘Eureka Moment’. I never thought that an egg pie could be this delicious! My mother couldn't make pies so I never learned how to make them. But I didn’t need to be a genius to judge what a good egg pie taste like. Just one bite, and hmmm... I can actually hear "Alleluia!" Well, perhaps I exaggerated a little but it wasn't only me, everybody was hearing it too, right?

I can say it with sincerity that it was the best egg pie that I have ever eaten! Even my friend, Mariane who proclaimed that she didn't care or even liked egg pie, have changed her mind quickly after the first bite. And my family loved it too! It was so tasty and when I brought it home, I never expected it to last 24hrs.

I would highly recommend this place to everyone. I hope that other people will come and experience Sagada. Hurry up! You will miss half of your life if you don’t try it! Oh, I can’t stop raving about this place! You will never forget your first. Trust me, its fun, safe and totally unforgettable!"
Ishie De Vera

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