Our Letter For Today: Queenie Ngo

"I've been to Sagada many times and whenever i go, new restaurants open.

My guide Perry (of
SAGGAS) brought me to the Sagada Lemon Pie House one time for a breakfast. It was a nice experience indeed. As I entered the premises, I was surprised with its cozy ambiance. We sat on a lowered table like a Japanese Style motif, with pillows on the floor, where you can sit with your legs crisscrossed.

I still remember, I got a chance to try their freshly picked cutie tomatoes with dried fish on the side. I thought they're free of charge, courtesy of Perry, (hahhaha) since he requested it. Well I guess he got his priviledge as a good friend to the son of the LPH owner.

I come back to Sagada every year, not only for the place itself, but also for the locals and their food. The people are fun to be with so I've made friends with them. It's nice meeting new tourists and friends too around Sagada.

This year I came back once again with my Virtual Tourist group outdoor and invited them to the Lemon Pie House to taste the famous lemon pie. Well, I'm glad they loved it, except for the service. Haha. Ok fine. I'm going to be considerate since there were a lot of customers at the time of our visit."
Queenie Ngo

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