Our Letter For Today: Joan Mocorro

"Hello Lemon Pie House!

Sacada is an Ilonggo term for laborer, particularly the sugarcane plantation laborer. Well, two of us coming from Bacolod City. While the other two, although Manila-grown but having Ilonggo blood as well, I named our group as the "Sacadas of Sagada".

I have made an extensive blog for our trip, which of course, included the unforgettable Lemon Pie House.

Here is the YouTube post my daughter captured during our visit there, sipping the famous mountain tea amidst a candle-lit party atmosphere.

We've tried uploading the video testimony of my cousin several times and it took so many tries to upload it because of its length (and i had to retry after an error occurred). However, here it is.

Attached are some of the pictures as seen from our Sacada eyes. Best regards." Joan of Art

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