Our Letter For Today: Sherlene Royo

Lemon Pie House. Me, my cousin, and a friend left Manila at 10pm, on the 8th of April 2009, to a super layo, bundok bundok, and tarik tarik road over to a very high place in the Philippines, Sagada. But it's worth the long trip.

As expected, Sagada was packed with tourists and all the inns were fully booked. We went to the SAGGAS office and they were so nice to help up find a place to stay. They were so accomodating.

Ate Lou, the owner of the house where we stayed at, also, a high school teacher in Sagada, told us about a nearby place. She said it's a place where we can taste delicious lemon pies. Mmm Yum Yum! So we stopped by this place called "The Lemon Pie House." They said lemon pies here were special, and so were their owners. I tried some and yes, it was true. It's so delicious that my cousin took home a box of it and gave some to our family and relatives in Manila. We'll surely come back to taste more of their pies, and the rest of Sagada, Mountain Province.

I will surely miss you all. The pies, the tour guides, and the places. Keep up the good work." Sherlene Royo

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