Our Photo of the Day: Mamee Presea

Today, we are featuring another Photo of the Day. We found this photo recently from Mamee Presea's photo vault, also in Flickr. We even later found out that she wrote a short review on our shop.

She said and we quote, "As the name says quite plainly, they serve the best lemon pies. Ever. The tangy, lemony taste of the pastry is paired best with a cup of hot mountain brew coffee." Funny thing is, the photo posted above is not a lemon pie. It is an egg pie. Haha. :)

We really love this photo. This shows the watery sweetness and also the smoothness of our egg pie, topped with meringue and honey. The photo looks so real and so delicious, we had to rush to our pie display cabinets just to satisfy our craving. It's funny that we craved on our own product right after seeing this photo.

The photo shows not only that the photographer enjoyed the food, but she also enjoyed her visit to the Lemon Pie House. She even has her own Flickr photostream and you may check her other photos by clicking here.


Presea said...

oh my...i made a wrong caption! XD

my apologies. i uploaded the photos on flickr a year after my sagada trip that i forgot what the lemon pie/egg pie looked like.

nonetheless, thank you very much for the feature! more power to your place! :D

Depya said...

So yummy! I miss all the home cooked meals especially the pies! *sigh*