Our Letter For Today: Jonna Baquillas

"Dear Lemon Pie House,

I love your quaint little resto as much as I love Sagada. I remember vividly how I sat there with my mom at the corner table, famished from exploring Sumaguing Cave. As soon as I got a taste of your egg pie, I got hooked. Add the zing of your refreshing lemon juice, and I didn't wanna leave anymore. Especially that your place is too much of a comfort for a weary tourist. I wanted to sleep right there!

Your pies are so good that we decided to share it with my friends, even if it means bringing 3 boxes of pies and letting it sit on the lap during the 14 hours of travel! We wanted to preserve the pristine condition of the pies when we reach Manila, that's why.

I had a very refreshing conversation with the wife of the owner (sorry, I failed to get her name) on the day that we picked up the pies. She just radiates with so much goodness and enthusiasm in her heart that you can't help but feel good about everything. We bumped into her again before we left Sagada, and she greeted us like we were long-lost friends!

I am definitely going back, because I found my home in Sagada! Sharing with you the photos that I took and the thoughts that I composed while in Sagada. I am going back in May with a few friends, and Lemon Pie House is definitely in our itinerary. I will keep on going back to Sagada as long as I can travel. And I would love to live there when I can't travel anymore!

By the way, do you still accept book donations? Maybe my friends and I can bring a few (and magazines as well) when I go back :) Jonna"

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