Our Feature In Pasyal TV

Pasyal is a weekly travel show that had featured different places here in the Philippines. Their hosts and crew had been to very nice places like Tagaytay, Pampanga, Pangasinan, Ilocos, Banaue, and Sagada.

In this episode they had shown restaurants, cafes, and other landmarks in Sagada, Mountain Province. This clip was taken from that episode and part of it was a short interview of Mang Joseph (the Lemon Pie House owner). Click here or the image above to watch the clip.

Pasyal is hosted by Ramon Bautista and Mitch Hernandez.

Mitch had worked as a TV host and also a segment producer since 2003 for Studio 23, ABC 5, and IBC 13. She is the current producer of the said show and she is producing it independently.

Ramon was a film professor at the University of the Philippines in Diliman, which later became a TV host in the MTV gag series, "The Ramon Bautista Show." He admitted himself to be shy and has low self-esteem.

Note: This Pasyal episode was aired last year and our food rate had been adjusted. You may click here to view our updated menu.

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