Our Letter For Today: Ariel Betan

(Left to Right: Melody, Bogan, Sharon, Sierra, and Ariel)

"Our family would like to thank you all again for the hospitality we received while we were there. We really enjoyed the Sumaguing Cave tour with Bogan and Melody, and of course, the food at the Lemon Pie House, especially the lemon pie, lemon mountain tea, the special tapey, and the tinola with itag (igorot bacon) and will surely miss them.

Imagine my daughter who is not used to walking far, did not even complain walking all the way back to the Lemon Pie House for dinner, from St. Joseph where we've stayed. All in all in just 2 days, we visited and ate at the Lemon Pie House 3 times.

It was my wife who told us to include Lemon the Pie House in our itinerary. She planned it just by looking at websites, including your blog which really caught our interest. Of course, one of my family's main vices and methods of bonding is food. That's why we loved your place because of its good food and friendly ambiance.

We're planning to send you books on the environment, indigenous people, caves, ecology, and spirituality for your library. Is it okay to send them by Cable Tours Bus? We hope to return to Sagada and visit you again this year. Best regards, Ariel Betan

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