Our Letter For Today: Zina Dee

Zina Dee of Los Banos, Laguna wrote a very touching essay about her stay in Sagada. She called it "Three Unforgettable Women From Sagada." She wrote nice things about Ma'am Nena (Wife of the late Eduardo Masferre), an unnamed woman from Abra, and Auntie Katrina of the Lemon Pie House. She wrote:

"I met Auntie Katrina at the Lemon Pie House. She's a very friendly woman. She gave me tips to go around Sagada, about the locals. And only after minutes of meeting each other, she told me that I should bring my boyfriend the next time I go back to Sagada. Haha! Sige, Auntie. Deal. Hehe.

She shared with me the story of how Sagada got its name (it used to be called 'Ganduyan'), why the Lemon Pie House is decorated so, why the people knew how to speak English very well and so much more. Her warm smile and inviting tone zeroed in on my heart and I know that I'll always remember her."

Zina is an Agriculture Major student in a well-respected College in Laguna. She's planning to visit Sagada again this summer. You may read her entire Sagada essay in her blog when you click here.

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