Our Comments

We were searching the internet recently and found these beautiful comments about the Lemon Pie House:

Biyahengpinoy - "The warmest place in Sagada."

Visit Sagada - "Sagada Lemon Pie House surprises unsuspecting tourists with its fare of unconventional desserts and pastries."

Jeff Bradshaw - "The wood lined building he has made has a homely feel to it and you spread yourself out on the floor, on mats with short legged tables that he (Joseph Daoas) made, being a carpenter."

iCordero - "I have not tasted a lemon pie before but I must say it was one of the best pies I have tasted not to mention that it was only 20 pesos per slice."

kesh. travels. - "Lemon Pie House (food? I like the lemon pie. Yum!)."

Edsel Espino - "None of them can be compared with the Lemon Pie House."

Tristan Jed - "Panalo ang onion omelette with longanisa and garlic rice saka ang kanilang Sagada coffee na lasang Starbucks pero Php20 lang!"

Renz Noble - "Ganda ng ambiance. Simple but beautiful."

Ellophunk - "Not your ordinary egg pie. The place is so cool."

Sydneyehem - "So yummy (egg pie) and the honey syrup sprinkled looked like tiny gold."

Agnes - "Mang Joseph is the person behind the delicious blueberry pie."

To all the people who have visited us, and have been spreading the word, thank you. We promise that we will continue improving our service. We hope to see you again soon.


lateralus said...

A friend went up there last month and I asked for Lemon Pie! :)

He gave it to me 3 days after and it was still pretty good.

Agnes said...

wow! that's nice thanks! thanks!

Lahat ng friends ko na pumupunta ng sagada and ginagawan ko ng iterinary... lagi kong ini-include na pumunta sa lemon pie house.... hehehe :D

Thanks again and sobrang miss ko na ang Sagada!

The Sagada Lemon Pie House said...

Laterus, our pies can stay fresh as long as you put them in the fridge or in any cool place. You may also put them in the freezer and it would stay good for months.

Agnes, Thank you for referring us to your friends. We really appreciate it a lot.