Our Letter For Today: Jenn Sy

Jenn Sy shared to us this wonderful photo of Sagada Acorns. We thought it was so beautiful that we asked her if it was okay for us to feature it in this blog. So many crazy adjectives describe her: an adventurous traveler, a food enthusiast, a great photographer, a blog addict, and a strong woman.

"I love Sagada, been going back and forth since the mid-90's. I love the fresh scent of pine air, that's why. I will never tire of this charming quaint town. I was told to go to Lemon Pie House by some friends I bumped into in Sagada last December. The place is impressive and very cozy. I can just stay there, read my book while sipping coffee and having a few slices of your pies. I do have several photos of Lemon Pie House. Will forward as soon as I get them organized. More power. Jenn"

Know more about Jenn Sy's travel blog "zeal4adventure" and her very inspiring story by clicking here.

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