Sagada Dap-Ayan's Remember Your Children

Due to insisting public demand, we're posting another Sagada Dap-Ayan video. This song is called "Remember Your Children." Most part of the song was written in English; later part was written in Kankana-ey, which is the Igorot native dialect.

Headed by Mr. Robert Pangod, Sagada Dap-Ayan has a bright future ahead of them. This was recorded on May 21st, 2008 at the Sagada Lemon Pie House. Photos used in this video were also taken by Wencel Angeles in various locations in Mountain Province like Kalinga, Bontoc, and Sagada. We will post more in the future so just keep on checking this blog.

Update: 12/07/08 - This is the updated version of the video. Lyrics have been added to this video for those who would like to sing along. Enjoy.

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