Our Writer for Today: Neo Daredevil

Not Just your usual Pie House by Neo Daredevil

Before our caving adventure we were able to pass by this Place and it Immediately caught my attention.  The menu is listed outside so you would have an idea on what they serve .  The exterior really looked good. It's an old house well maintained with a touch of yellow paint at the exterior and a home like ambiance inside .

It was on our third day in Sagada when we had the chance to eat at this Lemon Pie House. It was a bit far from where we are staying so it's really an extra effort for us to go to this food Place. After cleaning up ourselves we decided to go down the road again and have "The Lemon Pie House Experience."  Just when we got inside we saw the same people from the cave adventure so definitely Lemon Pie House is really a popular choice.  There are two low tables at the right corner ( if you are facing the entrance door )and two on the other side . There's also a small counter just near the right corner low tables where the Pies are displayed and at the same time where the cashier /staff is located and it is where they also take orders.  And also there's an extension area where there are 2 or more table with chairs and adequate lighting for each table.

Since it's already dinner time we decided to go for a heavy dinner meal. I ordered for a chicken pork adobo and two rice. The food were served fast and It Really tasted at its BEST - no joke.

1. the Vegetables tasted well , fresh ,well cooked and nice cut .
2. the chicken and pork were soft and cut in a more sophisticated smaller size.
3. not that oily but do have more flavor and balance taste.
4. served in a good presentation. ( plating )

The food was definitely affordable; it cost me around $3-4 meal + drinks, + around $2 for the lemon, egg(for take out) and blueberry pie which were really pleasing to the mouth.  Customer service wise the food attendant/cashier was so funny and accommodating . A lively person that checked on us time to time while were waiting for our food.  Plus there's a free Wifi connection so you can surf the net while waiting and I even saw a chess board for recreation. So what else are you waiting ? if you're in Sagada don't forget to drop by this place .

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