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Homemade Treats Make Lemon Pie House a Favorite
Among Sagada Guests
by KC Santos

The Sagada Lemon Pie House is a favorite stopover by famished backpackers looking for a hearty meal. Established three years ago by husband and wife Joseph and Katrina Daoas, the Sagada Lemon Pie House has been offering its Lemon and Egg Pies to the throngs of adventurers in Sagada. Joseph, who used to work abroad, thought of reconstructing his old sari-sari store into a cafe. He decided to make lemon pies, which his mother used to bake as a specialty of the house.

The lemon pies proved to be a hit and soon, neighbors and the whole community knew about his hearty treat. The bright yellow pie house stands out and is easy to spot. Visitors of nearby Lumiang Caves are greeted by the smell of the lemon pies fresh from the oven. The smell of the pies lingered and we had to cut our trip to the cave short as we hurried back uphill to finally find out for ourselves what the fuss is all about.

We went through the small door of the cafe and immediately ordered cups of hot coffee and slices of lemon pie. The place's cozy despite their mismatches furniture. The soft lightin warms the place up and visitors are left to decide whether you lounge and play board games, squatting on the mats or on the couches.

While waiting for my order, I chanced upon Mang Joseph who was very kind and accomodating. He said he never imagined the cafe and the pies to be such a hit. "We're glad because we are seeing our hard work and persistence paid off," he said.

The lemon pie combines a fruity flavor and a texture of soft tart and pudding. The crust is also soft and you will leave not a crumb of bread in the plate. Combined with native Arabica coffee, it is a welcome treat after an afternoon of walking in a cold Sagada weather. At P18 for a slice, I would've eaten a whole lot more if it were not for a heavy dinner I was looking forward to later that night.

There are some places in Sagada where one visit is just not enough and the Sagada Lemon Pie House is one of them.

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