Our Writer For Today: Lauro Polancos

The Soul of Sagada Lives in a Pie
by Lauro Polancos

Located in the outskirts of the town of Sagada, there is a very peculiar cafe that's all painted yellow. I haven't seen this when i was in Sagada few years ago. It was new to me.

Ben and me decided to go to the first ever cafe/restaurant in Sagada after our grueling camping at the peak of Ampacao Mountain where we got stuck for 17 hours inside the tent because we were stuck in the middle of a storm. Arrrghhh.

We walked inside this cafe, and a small gray haired, toothless, happy and charming woman with sparkling eyes that hints sadness greeted us, in the name of Manang Katrina (Madame Katrina). Inside, the Lemon Pie House is so warm and cozy. It's just like stepping into your own house after all in a days work. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. But the specialty of the house is their homemade pies which Manang Katrina made herself and learned the craft decades ago to support her family. There are many specialties of pies here, like blueberry pie (which she gathers the wild blueberries from the pine forests in Sagada), the lemon pie - which is to die for, egg pie and a seasonal pie - it depends on which fruit thrive in the season.

The Lemon Pie House is constructed of hard pinewood. The smell inside is so inviting, it's refreshing to the mind and the soul. It's dark inside, but the laughter and smile of Manang Katrina brings light to the faces of the customers. There is also a free Wi-Fi inside the Lemon Pie House, and outside is a patio and a garden to hang out.

It is very difficult to sum all my emotions while writing this, because of all the grandeur and beauty of the little town of Sagada, the spirit and soul of the place live in a pie, to which, I found a mother. Where the dedication, talent and skills of Manang Katrina perfected the craft of pie making. We had a good time there, together with her daughter Bogan, who was our guide inside the cave and after a long day, the family served us their home made rice wine." read more...

This is our very first "Writer for Today" post feature where you, our lovely customers, can get to share your photos and write about your experience in our small, yet humble pie shop. We'd love to feature your work. Email us at lemonpiehouse@gmail.com.


lauro said...

huwaw!!! proud naman ako at na feature ito dito! ^_^

salamat bogs - though i could have written better :(((

greetings to manang katrina, me and ben misses her and your family much!

lateralus said...

Off topic:

Congratulations. :) This blog is officially a FINALIST to the Philippine Blog Awards for the Business Category!