Our Feature On VisitSagada

Visit Sagada featured the Grand Launching of the Lemon Pie House on May 3rd, 2008 at 5pm.

Please come visit. Young Local Talents of Sagada will be performing their kind of music to please them and their audience. Don't forget to sign their guestbook.


Gypsy said...

i plan to visit sagada for the first time... but running out of time to research... how do I get there, could I request for a guide (although my budget is limited)?

Jade said...

hi mr. daoas! :) i recently sent a proposal letter to your email. Our group is interested in doing a feature about lemon pie house. please check your email na lang po. I'll be waiting for your reply. Thanks! :D

lateralus said...

I was there last week. :) I didnt get to meet Mr Daoas. Sayang.



Kat said...

Good day! Was just in Sagada yesterday and had the best time at Lemon House with my new friends aver exploring Sumaguing. The lemon and egg pies are the best! Took one home and plan to make it last. Sa ulitin!

Anonymous said...

Gypsy, We believe that we already emailed you this information. For complete information, you may also check the official blog of SAGGAS at: http://sagadagenuineguides.blogspot.com/

Jade, Thanks Jade, yes, we received your email and we already replied to you.

Laterus, I heared that you were here at the Lemon Pie House on December of last year. Hope you enjoyed your stay with us.

Kat, Please come see us again. Right now, we also serve apple pies and blueberry pies.