Our Blueberry Pie

We just introduced our blueberry pie this month which is taking Sagada by storm. Just ask the locals where you can buy blueberry apple pies and they will tell you where to buy them.


agnes said...

Yum! Yum! Sarap ng blue berry pie... At last! I've been to Lemon Pie House... You have to try this when you visit the Lemon Pie HOuse!

Mj Ces said...

Wow. Pictures pa lang nakakatakam na! I'll look for that place next time I visit Sagada.

I now have another new great reason to go back.


Kat said...

Sigurado babalik ako for this!

Anonymous said...

Agnes, Thank you for visiting us. We checked your multiply site, and we loved your photos. Balik ka ha.

MJ Ces, The actual blueberry pie tastes so much better than this photo. :) Please visit Sagada soon.

Kat, We'll be waiting here for you Kat.