Our Letter For Today: Marie Paranada

Thank you Marie for sharing your experience with us and our viewers. Hope to see you in Sagada again.

"Hello po! It was really my second visit to Sagada last August (my first was back in 2005) but it was my first time to visit the Lemon Pie House. The place was really nice. Very cozy and very much inviting for guests like us.

We found the place by accident when we just passed by Manang Katrina the morning we went to Sumaguing and Lumiang caves. We saw her carrying boxes of pies on her way to the market. It was really our newly-found Australian friend who noticed how she could balance the boxes on top of her head. She told us about the lemon pie that she was selling. So we passed by the Lemon Pie House after our trip to the caves.

The pie was lovely and so we decided to bring home some to Manila. It was also my first time to try the mountain tea which was also refreshing. The egg pie was a big treat as well since it's not really the type you would find in Manila. We even went back that afternoon after we rested for some merienda. We so love the pie that on the morning of our journey going back to Manila, we forgot to ask Manong Joseph to prepare pies for us. So we bought all their pies that morning! One of my colleagues couldn't even wait to get home and ate her pie while we were still on the bus!

We really miss the pie and I miss Sagada. It's such a beautiful place to visit. The people were really nice and the food were all great! By the way, do you guys deliver here in Manila? LOL... Just a thought. I would want some for my birthday in January! We were not able to try the blueberry pie. I bet it's good as well! I will really try everything on my next visit there! God bless you all guys for giving us good food! See you all soon!

PS: I attached our picture during our stay there. I really love the concept of the house! It was simple yet very much inviting! Kudos!"

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Anonymous said...

thank you marie for that wonderful letter. we have featured you and your photo in our blog already. i hope you like it. thank you again and hope to see you in sagada soon.