Sagada Video Collection

Finally, our good friend, Mr. Wencel Angeles came out with his first ever Sagada Video Collection DVD. These are video essays of his visits to Sagada over the past year. It contains 10 videos with different themes all taken from his biyahengpinoy blog, including the Lemon Pie House and Sagada Dap-Ayan Jamming videos.

Now, we can share them with you, not just over the internet, but also right on your televisions. You can email Wencel Angeles to get a copy at

Video tracks: Surviving Sagada, How To Prepare Pinikpikan, Return To Sagada (Version 01), Return To Sagada (Version 02), SAGGAS vs SEGA Soccer Match, Sumaguing Cave, Sagada Fiesta 2008, Lemon Pie House, Begnas 2008, and Sagada Dap-Ayan Jamming

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