Our Soft Launching Day

We here at the Lemon Pie House will hold a soft launching on Good Friday, at 5pm, on the 21st of March, 2008. Guests are invited to see some of Sagada's local performers singing songs from their albums, listen to some poetry readings, chat with other guests, sit on the floor, while eating pies, and drinking teas and coffees on our NEW small tables. We've also added some new decorations and attractions to the shop, so please come visit us.

Members of the Sagada Dap-Ayan will join us on our soft launching as they jam with our guests and sing their hearts out and play music using ethnic instruments. It should be really fun.

We're making the Lemon Pie House an alternative place to those who want to eat light and live life artistically. We hope to see you on that special day.

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agnes said...

Wow! That sounds nice... I'm sure it's gonna be fun..., sayang lang I can't come this long vacation :) I really like listening to their local songs... hmmm sana you can have it regularly till makabalik ako jan, hehe (.^_^.)... I'll take a BIG BIG BITE of the Lemon Pie when I get there.. nde ko xa napunthan the last time I went there.